An insight-driven and well-thought-out product strategy plan can drive an industry into the adoption of a hidden need. Watch the following report by CNBC on how Apple forced a change in the smartphone industry by getting rid of the headphone jack.

The Rise And Fall Of The Headphone Jack — by CNBC — the headphone jack has a long legacy in the audio world. So when Apple decided to exclude it from the iPhone 7, consumers were up in arms. In the years since Samsung has been a champion for those who still wanted the headphone jack Samsung even went so far as to run a headphone jack commercial mocking Apple. But with the release of the Galaxy Note 10, it too has forgotten the decades-old technology. Did Samsung prove Apple right by killing the headphone jack?

Product strategy is the…


Assessing three segments: 1) Pure digital wallets and the case of PayPal, 2) Digital payment ecosystems and the case of AliPay, and 3) Social payment platforms and the cases of Venmo and WeChat

Fintech, in its broad definition, is the technological innovation that improves how money and capital are transferred, raised, and invested.

While the word ‘Fintech’ might be new, the relationship between technology and finance is not. The financial services sector has always been at the forefront of technological innovation and has been constantly disrupted by new and commercial technologies. For example, when people had to barter with physical goods with one another, the development and money in the form of gold nuggets and coins as a common medium of exchange, was a technical innovation. Or when checks commercialized the trend for…


The pandemic has accelerated the trends we had seen during the last decade and leading up to the retail apocalypse of 2017. To lead in the new market environment, retailers need to use a combination of enhanced brand positioning, low price, frictionless value delivery, and improved customer experience strategies to find winning positions and deliver on customer demand.

Technology will play a major role in retailers’ post-pandemic transition through the integration of online and offline channels. …


Part 1: What is a disruption? How digital is disrupting? What is the role of the entrepreneur? How quickly is digital disruption happening? How is collaboration shaping in this era?

Every few years we hear that the launch of a new digital product is going to change the world and/or disrupt an industry. But disruption is way more than just a new product or the market frenzy over a new feature.

Disruption can indeed be irritating at times, but we’ll have to get used to it. Disruption is the symptom of a historical period where, at least in theory, all established industries can effectively be disrupted.

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Digital: a disruptive innovation

In theory, once a radical innovation is launched, such as the computer in the 1950s or the Internet in the 1990s, markets stabilize for…


Business development, fuels growth, whether at startups or corporate settings. ‘Biz-Dev’ requires correct hiring, goal and KPI setting, sufficient resource allocation, management involvement, and focused specialization to succeed.

A sales department is responsible for selling specific offerings to customers and marketing determines which specific customer segments to target with specific products and features. But when the opportunity isn’t clear but potential is huge, that’s when business development steps in. Business development aims to identify and flush out new areas of business and this may/will entail new products, markets, partnerships and alliances, distribution channels, marketing tactics, etc., things that the organization has not experienced before.

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Business development is about growing the organization by giving structure to unstructured opportunities through identifying new partnerships and alliances, customers, and lines of revenue


Build the fundamentals including the team, processes, and analytics, identify the opportunities through self-declared, deductive, and inductive approaches, prioritize the efforts as there will be limited bandwidth in dealing with all the projects you may have in mind

Personalization is a popular topic in marketing and knowing the techniques for creating a professional personalization program will make a huge difference in marketing results, as sometimes it works and sometimes it just doesn’t. The goal of personalized marketing is to help improve conversion rates through customer segmentation rather than dealing with averages.

Furthermore, personalized marketing helps build and enhance efforts around customer differences. …


Defining, managing, and succeeding with Customer Success teams and building a culture that is committed to maximizing the lifetime value of the customer

A customer can become extremely unhappy when he/she is struggling to get value out of a product they’ve paid for and the organization that sold it doesn’t seem to care. In moments such as this, customer success can make a huge difference.

Nearly every software organization, subscription businesses such as Netflix and Amazon, and many companies in other industries have or are building a customer success team. Customer success should be used by organizations that desire long-term customer relationships to maximize their customers’ lifetime value. …


A well-designed customer strategy needs to deliver on customer excellence. Customer excellence is built upon converting customers to promoters, maximizing the customer lifetime value, the level of customer loyalty, and retention rates

Many very well-intentioned business leaders deeply believe that they put customers first in mind when creating value, however, research shows that while 80% of the executives believe they deliver an exceptional and differentiated experience to their customers, only 8% of the customers think that they did so.

This a huge gap in the perceptions of the sides (i.e. demand and supply of the value proposition), and there are several reasons to explain it:

  1. Often, what gets discussed in boardrooms, is so far away from the front line that it’s hard to tell whether the data is accurate and representative of…


The CoS leads the CEO’s office. This is a quick summary of the CoS’s roles, responsibilities, and required skill sets, and what it takes to be a successful one…

While traditionally the Chief of Staff sounded more of a political role such as that in the White House, today, it is becoming common in the corporate world. For example, in the startup and corporate technology sector, based on the number of hirings in the US, the Chief of Staff role has increased in double digits in recent years.

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Who is a Chief of Staff?

The core responsibilities of the Chief of Staff

It’s not easy answering the question of what a Chief of Staff (CoS) does, because they’re all so different. But in short, a CoS is someone who plays an operational and strategic role to help the CEO, the executive team, and…


By understanding lost customers, establishing communication patterns, and setting up reactivation campaigns

It’s tough to see a customer go when you’ve made the first or even the second sale considering the amount of time, energy, and money you spent to acquire him/her. In accounting terms, aside from capital expenditures, building, and employee costs, the single most expensive thing a business will ever do is acquire a new customer. But in reality, every business will lose customers. However, it’s also a lot easier to win back a lost customer than it is to seek out a brand new one.

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Understanding the customer

Knowing when a customer is lost

A difficult question to answer is knowing when…

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